Welcome To KingsConquer

The Version of this Game is 6250 . *best ping for all Players *Best Game Play as never get a delay in it *All characters working fine *Balanced Attack between all characters *New Rare Garments with special Effects *Attack damage 100% *The Monsters Drop Random cps (1 to 10 cps) *Free New Beginner Bag with Full (+12, -7, 2 soc Gears ) We hope you will like and enjoy with that .


Full Qualifier arena system including the Arena, TeamArena, CTF, ElitePK, TeamPK, SkillTeamPK.

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Auto Hunt

You Can automatically hunt and get ConquerPoints , DragonBalls , Refinary, etc .

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Active Points

You can get points from your activity like (OnlinePoints, PVPPoints, PVEPoints, BossPoints, Monster Hunt).

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